Windswept Woman for WPC Abstract


Windswept Woman or Guardian Angel at the lower level of Antelope Canyon.  Some call it the “Lady in the Wind”. Can you spot her head, torso, and flowing hair? 

An evolving millions upon millions of years where flowing water and winds carved this sacred wonder.

WPC: Abstract

75 thoughts on “Windswept Woman for WPC Abstract

  1. She reminds me of a figure head at the bow of the ancient sailing ship… 🙂 Beautiful photograph 🙂 I had a chance to visit the Antelope Canyon last year but unfortunately in the last minute heavy rains caused the flash flood and the canyon was closed.


    • She does look like the bow…! When we were walking out of the Canyon, we were told that a storm was coming, we were told to run to their station and my photo tour at noon was cancelled. I guess they get rain and storms regularly.

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      • I guess. Well, I am glad that you at least had a chance to see the canyon. I have been in that area twice and have never seen it. From what I hear it is one of the most beautiful, whimsical and mysterious.


        • Twice! That is so disappointing… Sonia. I can’t find a word to describe this place. We visited both the Lower and Upper level run by two different Navajo group. Due to the crowd, once we were in the canyon, we had to keep moving, they gave tourists no time to linger there at all. Hope you get to see the place someday.

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  2. This is one of several photographs which demonstrate the beauty and power of wind sweeping through the sandstone cliffs and caverns making a wonderful canvas to enjoy. I definitely see the windswept woman, Amy! Beautiful and miraculous nature at work! 🙂


    • I thought you’d enjoy this photo. The group of tourists standing there in silence… stunned. Appreciate your comment.
      Btw, I so enjoy your 7-day nature! Truly beautiful. Thank you, Dr. Hb 🙂

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  3. i saw this one on the reader the other day, but couldn’t see it on your blog. so i searched a number of your canyon images. but this morning, there it is. very odd that!
    but all that teckie stuff aside, this is an amazing click of art in the natural world. how cool is this! some of the best art is not created by human hands…. thanks for sharing.


    • Thank you so much to making such an effort visiting this post! I agree nature creates amazing artworks for us to admire, human is also good at imitate nature art.
      Appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me. 🙂


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