Introducing my new neighbors

If I were having coffee with you, my friend, I’d tell you my new neighbors. It was a nice surprise.

I remember the Golden-fronted Woodpeckers visited our backyard last summer, and really enjoyed our fruit tree. I’m not sure if these two woodpeckers excavate nest hole or work on a cavity trunk of the oak tree. And, I don’t know exactly when they situated themselves in our backyard neither. It was already March, when we noticed both were in and out of their nest hole. Luckily, one of our kitchen windows faces their nest hole, Hubby watches them with his binoculars and I take photos with my canon and 300 mm lens. They know we watch them, but don’t mind as long as we stay inside.


I think they picked a perfect spot. It is a pretty tall oak tree, their hole (home)is about 10 feet above the ground (the tree may go another 10 ft above them). The angle of the hole prevents of getting afternoon sun heat and rain, or north wind.


Before she flies outside, she sticks her head out of the hole slowly. See below:


When she is sure it’s safe to be out, she crawls out and stays up on the tree, look right, left, and back. If everything looks okay, she takes off quickly.



She does the same when she gets home, looks around, then slowly gets in…


Normally, she gets home before 6 pm, her mate flies back 20 minutes later. But last Thursday, he wasn’t on his regular schedule. She waited and waited at her nest hole, looked pretty worrisome:


If I were having coffee with you, my friend, I’d tell you, I stayed by the kitchen window watching and wondering, “What if her mate doesn’t come home? Something bad happened… ?”


He finally showed up, but it was almost one hour late. I was so relieved…


He went in, but a couple minutes later he showed up at the nest hole, didn’t look happy at all. I wished I could tell him how worried his mate was…


I wonder if we are going to see the young ones soon.

Here is the photo I took from our kitchen window last summer:


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82 thoughts on “Introducing my new neighbors

  1. They are awesome. How fun to watch them build a nest. Hopefully you will get to see babies. They look kinda like a yellow flicker, which is the cousin to the red flicker we have in the west. I love the red flickers.


  2. You must have a really great camera. We have plenty of wildlife around where we live, mainly birds of different kinds, but the only one we’ve been able to get a good photo of is the pheasant. I wish we could get photos as good as yours. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  3. Amy… beautiful photos… particularly the last one of him (or her?) holding the berry in its mouth. Wow… just perfect with the non-distinct grey background upon which to so clearly see your friend and their snack! Sure would be neat to see babies!


    • Thank you, Mike! I think the one you like is him. That was a lucky shot. It would be fun to see little ones coming out… 🙂 It could be the time when we are on vacation, I’m afraid.


  4. OMG those pictures are glorious. I know how hard it is to take bird photos (which is why there are very few on my blog because they usually don’t turn out). I have never seen a Golden Fronted Woodpecker before so these were a treat. The red crown on the males head is especially beautiful. Thanks for introducing us to your new neighbors


    • I’m thrilled to hear you comment, Lisa! We don’t get to see the Golden Fronted woodpeckers often anywhere, not to mention to capture them in photos. I don’t know what brought them to our backyard… It’s such a joy of watching them crawling in and out through the hole and flying back and forth. 🙂 🙂
      So happy I could share it with you, Lisa!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. So glorious a post with adorble characters,stunning photos,and a sweet bird story,dear Amy!You’re lucky to have this lovely couple in your back yard.That’s why I don’t want to miss your magnificent posts,dear friend,you always have something great and very special to share with us 🙂 ❤ xxx
    PS:Some travelling & other commitments have kept me away from WP,and I'm so upset.I'll answer the comments on my last post and start visiting my friends again.You are always in my thoughts ~ Love & Peace to you 🙂


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