When shall we live if not now?

5 Images.  asks us to focus on dinnertime: Share a meal with us, or shoot during your dinner hour. Blogger’s choice!


Working in a restaurant kitchen like this one must be unbearably stressful during dinnertime. Food has to be presentable, tasty, and perfect, every time, all the time.


Last Saturday, I made a pasta dish for dinner. Mix cooked pasta with sauteed onions and sweet pepper, basil presto, Italian red sun dried tomato, clam sauce, crab meat, and topped with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, dust a layer of bread crumbs, baked for minutes.





Simon’s …turns to thoughts of food, posted a couple weeks before the WPC Dinnertime, is perfect, beautiful, and so very delicious. 12 dishes, including the sourdough loaf, are all from their kitchen. I absolutely love this post!

“When shall we live if not now?”

~ M.F.K. Fisher, author of the “Art of Eating”

WPC: Dinnertime

39 thoughts on “When shall we live if not now?

  1. Hi Amy,
    You make me hungry! Are there any left-overs from that mouth-watering pasta dish?? 😉
    I think I might soon shamelessly copy that recipe.
    Have a great day,


    • Happy to know you like the pasta, Pit. 🙂 I’m so sure you’ll come up with a better pasta dish. 😉 Btw, this set of V&B plates were made in Germany, my favorite! 🙂 🙂


  2. Good morning, Amy. Not sure if I had pay any attention to your photos… I am hungry!!! It looks delicious! 😉 And I LOVE the title for this post! You woke me up! Thanks.
    Have a wonderful day.


  3. Great photos, Amy, and a nice contrast between the pasta in a commercial restaurant and your lovely home-cooked version on beautiful dishes. I love the photo with the long row of unfilled pasta.


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