Hello Tomorrow


 Whenever I wake up
I’m trying to take the shape of
Turning to the whole wide world
I made up

Karen O’s “Hello tomorrow” is one of my favorite songs. I posted this cool video of Karen O’s song back in 2013, also last year. This one is a different version. 🙂

Hello Tomorrow was created by Oscar-nominated film director Spike Jonze in 2005 and sung by Karen O to advertise the Adidas-1 “Intelligent” sneakers.

For WPC: Future



In the visual effects-laden commercial, a man (played by actor David Douglas) wakes up in his bed- which, along with a lamp, is in an otherwise dark space- as his adidas_1 sneakers bounce onto his feet and tie their own laces. He then travels through many city streets, and at one point is chased through a forest by a bear. In all of the scenes, light is only created behind the man by the steps he takes; he is almost always running into darkness. Similar to the chase scene near the end of Jonze’s film Being John Malkovich, the man frequently jumps from one plane to another, as the camera rotates to show that a wall or ceiling has become the floor. After running head-first into a fire hydrant, the man yawns, returns to his bed (which, from where he is standing, is on the wall), and goes to sleep. Finally, as the shoes tumble away from the camera, shown onscreen are the slogan for the adidas_1, “World’s First Intelligent Shoe,” followed by the Adidas slogan “Impossible is Nothing” and the Adidas logo.  — Wikipedia

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