Ranch/Farm Landscape and Mobile Photo Challenge: Nature


Sally’s Mobile Photo Challenge for this week is Nature. I took this photo last Sunday while walking on a trail. Young deer was watching me, She probably was curious of my iPhone. :), mother deer was just a few yards away. I know how protective mom deer can be, so I didn’t even try to get closer.

Sally reminds us the Earth Day (April 22), “Let’s make every day Earth Day. Let’s do something every day for the planet and therefore nature and human nature.” Happy travel, Sally!


Texas Ranch for WPC Landscape



I took these two photos while we were driving thought the freeway near the southwest of Dallas. This is is not Stan Kroenke’s ranch though.

Rams owner Stan Kroenke bought a ranch in Texas last year. It’s the largest contiguous ranch in the U.S. — it covers more space than the city of Los Angeles — includes oil wells, thousands of cattle and 30,000 acres of farmland. The price was not disclosed, but the ranch had been listed for $725 million, according to LA Times


Yesterday, we had Internet problem at work, the problem lasted for a long while. While waiting, I recalled a story broadcast on the NPR a couple months ago, when FB (Facebook) was down, some people actually called 911 for emergency help.

Happy Tuesday! 🙂

27 thoughts on “Ranch/Farm Landscape and Mobile Photo Challenge: Nature

  1. Hi Amy,
    a nice series.
    The first photo has a wonderful depth.
    The second photo is great because of the horse and the cow.
    The third photo has an incredibly beautiful length.
    Great shots 🙂


  2. Look at all that green in that first shot. Living in the desert I can spot real green right away. Ha ha ha! The deer is darling.
    Love the ranch photos. I like seeing more photographers posting their iPhone photos. Spur of the moment, photos. I love those unplanned pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a darling little deer and a great shot as well Amy! Love your landscapes too. Everything is so beautiful there. 😀 ♥


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  5. Amy, I enjoyed all your nature images. But was struck by the one with the cow and horse sharing the same pasture. It evokes how we must share our world with everyone equally. Maybe I’m reaching, but that was my response. Your first image also struck me with a smile. It’s hues of green and light leading to that deer in the shadows. Happy Photo Challenge.


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