Birding Adventure (Part 1)


I have seen so many beautiful bird images on Ingrid’s blog, I decided to take a trip to Rockport to experience birding by boat. I located the charters through Google search, and was surprised it was the same boat charters Ingrid took (Aransas Bay Birding Charters).


Caption Lori started the motor at 6:05, it was still pretty dark. Two other passengers on the boat were retired teachers from Michigan. Hubby was comfortably and quietly riding with four ladies. Most of the time we were running back and forth from one end of the boat  with our cameras, he was watching birds calmly through the binocular and listened to Lori telling bird stories.

An hour and half later, we began to see crack of dawn. We waited the sunrise for a little while, then decided to walked to the other side of the boat watching early birds. When I turn my head, I saw sun was rising and a few birds were flying toward the sun. OMG, what a view!

From there on, we began our birding adventure.


Ibises were enjoying their breakfast,


The Great Blue Heron was waiting for a meal to swim by, and


A bunch a teen Pelicans were playful.


Mom Pelican didn’t have time to play though. She took her young kids for a  morning flying practice, she kept her eyes on them the entire time:


A little further, hungry feral hogs were wandering around.


With the 300 mm lens, I couldn’t get clear pictures, especially when the boat motor was running. But, from there on, Lori cruised a little further, and she got her boat close enough to birds here and there to let us take shots. Stay tuned for more. 🙂


Have a great week! 🙂

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