7-Day Nature Photo: Day 3 (Waterfalls) and Mobile Photo B&W

 0W5A0692 - Hamilton Pool-2

Captured the waterfalls at the Hamilton Pool, a natural pool located in Austin, Texas.

Thanks to Ulli for offering me an opportunity to explore the 7-day Nature Photo Challenge. Ulli is a remarkable photographer. For this  challenge, she has posted birds, pussies, worm eaten, seascape, and skyscape photos; All are beautiful, and artistic. Her day 7 is a stunning sunset capture.  “I live in Germany. I love the Sea, especially the North Sea and the Atlantic….” Here is Ulli’s Blog.

On my Day 3, I would like to invite Lola to join us. Like her blog title, Lola’s photos and themes are simply beautiful

Rules for this challenge: Post one nature photo and nominate someone else per day for 7 days. 


For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black and White

IMG_1042-Edit - LBJ Lake

Taken with iPhone 6.

Enjoy Sally’s Lens and Pens. 🙂


Happy Tuesday!

58 thoughts on “7-Day Nature Photo: Day 3 (Waterfalls) and Mobile Photo B&W

  1. amy, both have ingredients that lure us into the nature. I enjoyed your perspective in the monochromatic image. That sense of wandering and maybe discovering a castle (metaphorically) in the sky. Happy Photo Challenge.


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  3. The transparency and the lighting on the falling water are simply majestic and the monochromatic stone-jetty photo is so well-balanced!The high building in the backdrop and under the cloudy sky looks like a temple,dear Amy 🙂 xxx


    • Thank you so much for yourcomplinent! The sunlight came right from the top, where part the area was covered by a large sheet of nature rock, it’s kind like a cave. 🙂


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