Wanna have fun!

IMG_1473 - dance

There’s rhythm and motion all around us… — (WPC)

IMG_1492 - dancing

 I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming… up!

IMG_1490 - dancing

IMG_1503 - dancing

 Girls just wanna have fun…

IMG_1507 - dance

IMG_1537 - dance

 Dancing on the 6th Street, Austin, Texas :

IMG_1536-Edit-2 - dancing

Photos were taken with iPhone 6 last Saturday.

WPC: Dance

Austin’s official motto is the “Live Music Capital of the World.” Originally live music venues appeared mostly on 6th Street. Every night over one hundred venues stage live music. Austin supports two orchestras: the Austin Symphony Orchestra and the Austin Civic Orchestra. Austin is the capital of Texas.

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58 thoughts on “Wanna have fun!

  1. Gorgeous action photo-series,you did capture the spirit of the event!The dancers seem to enjoy every minute,they have so much fun!How often does it take place?Enjoy your day,Amy dear 🙂 xxx


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