Kitchen Items for Cee’s B&W

Cee encourages us to show tables, chair, dishes, appliances, food, silverware or utensils, sinks, stoves, etc, “Use your imagination and have some fun along the way.”

So… I went through my kitchen drawers and cabinets and pulled some of my kitchen tools. I think I have more kitchen gadgets than I actually use them.

Measuring cups and spoons are essential, especially for baking; and I have collected more than a few sets.

0W5A0051 - BW Kitchen

I used to think if I had decent cooking tools, gadgets, and pots, I’d be able to cook or bake like a chef. Obviously, that didn’t happen… Hubby always think “eating out is cheaper…” due to the fact I spend money on cooking tools, pots, plates…

_MG_0112 kitchen

Wine openers are hubby’s thing. He doesn’t have one set, but two. I still am not convinced that one needs these many gadgets to open a bottle of a wine.

0W5A0058 - BW Kitchen kitchen

Making a cup of tea with a tea bag seems a lot easier. 🙂

0W5A0043 - BW Kitchen

For Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge

Cee black-white-banner

Happy Thursday!

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