Kitchen Items for Cee’s B&W

Cee encourages us to show tables, chair, dishes, appliances, food, silverware or utensils, sinks, stoves, etc, “Use your imagination and have some fun along the way.”

So… I went through my kitchen drawers and cabinets and pulled some of my kitchen tools. I think I have more kitchen gadgets than I actually use them.

Measuring cups and spoons are essential, especially for baking; and I have collected more than a few sets.

0W5A0051 - BW Kitchen

I used to think if I had decent cooking tools, gadgets, and pots, I’d be able to cook or bake like a chef. Obviously, that didn’t happen… Hubby always think “eating out is cheaper…” due to the fact I spend money on cooking tools, pots, plates…

_MG_0112 kitchen

Wine openers are hubby’s thing. He doesn’t have one set, but two. I still am not convinced that one needs these many gadgets to open a bottle of a wine.

0W5A0058 - BW Kitchen kitchen

Making a cup of tea with a tea bag seems a lot easier. 🙂

0W5A0043 - BW Kitchen

For Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge

Cee black-white-banner

Happy Thursday!

46 thoughts on “Kitchen Items for Cee’s B&W

  1. Amy, I love the measuring cups with different items (spices, etc) which shows it doesn’t matter if things are in color, they look unique. I would like black or orange pekoe tea and please save me a place at the table! 🙂


    • Sure, let’s have a virtual tea time together. :).
      Same here. Last year, I had to do a major “cleaning up” for my drawers and cabinets.Thank you for visiting, Robin


  2. Hahaha! That huge corkscrew contraption is like an alien being 🙂 As for gadgets and cookware, I too thought that if I bought them I could cook. So wrong 😉 I can’t cook to save my life 😂 So I opt for going out whenever we’re able! Fun post, Amy!


      • Good morning, Amy,
        Yep, it IS a tad coolish. Just now, at 08:16 am, it’s around 35, and some more exposed areas around here even were below freezing earlier this morning. I don’t think here around our place, though. We’re pretty well sheltered.
        The weekend was nice: my 2 favourite German soccer clubs won 🙂 ,and I was able to watch one of the games live here on tv. The other I could only listen to on German radio on the internet, but still: i’m happy! 🙂 And on Sunday it was a wonderful concert [2 Baroque trumpets and the organ here in the United Methodist Church]: very enjoyable. 🙂 And now we’re – hopefully – heading into a wonderful week. That’s what I wish for you, too: have a great week,


        • Congratulations to your German teams!! How exciting! 🙂 I think soccer is the most challenging sport. We went to the Ziker Garden and the Hamilton Pool. The 6th Street was like a zoo, due to the music festival. 🙂
          You, too, have a great week.

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Such a farraginous collection of “unused” utensils,dearest Amy!Lovely the light and the textures in your photos,they are so classic in mono!Colour would have spoiled the quality,the silvery reflections give them extra value 🙂 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

      • The way you have arranged and captured them is so competent that it’s not fun at all.We travelled a bit abroad and in Greece,we are back SAFE,but a bit anxious because two family members are flying to New York,early in the morning today.The situation in Europe is horrible,we had to rearrange some reservations and we will be waiting to see how things will be.Travelling won’t be the same,terror has nestled in people’s heart.I did some Flickring,it made me feel better,I wanted to share something and communicate with people,I wanted to share not only some of my photos but also some thoughts.Thank you dear friend,I loved all your recent posts,the Monday walk and everything,however I will never forget your glorious Horse post and your marvellous photos 🙂 xxx


        • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me. I heard the news on TV after I got home (I had to attend 3 meetings at work today….) I’m so disturbed by the bombing news. Horrifying, say the least. I’ll come F to see your post.

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