Rockport Beach, Texas

0W5A0535 -Rockport 3-21

Rockport is located at the western shore of Aransas Bay, Texas, an arm of the Gulf of Mexico.

0W5A2279-Rockport 3-14

0W5A0544 -Rockport 3-21-Rockport 3-14

A well maintained beach for an enjoyable morning walk. Yepe, we are in Texas.

0W5A0545 -Rockport 3-21

A park is right by the beach, great pavilions for resting, picnic, and BBQ.

0W5A2349 -Rockport 3-21

0W5A2355 -Rockport 3-21

Birds are well protected here. The area around and in Rockport is noted as a prime birdwatching center. More about our birding experience later.

0W5A0539 -Rockport 3-21

IMG_1431 (1)

A Great Blue Heron was keeping me company. 🙂

0W5A2385-Rockport 3-14

I’ve learned about Rockport from Ingrid’s livelaughrv. Ingrid has visited Rockport three times, she takes fantastic bird photos you really don’t want to miss. 🙂

For Jo’s Monday Walk  Jo is taking us for a walk Through The Valley.


Have a great week!

50 thoughts on “Rockport Beach, Texas

    • Thank you, Cindy! I didn’t bring my long lens while taking the morning walk. I thought I’d give my shoulders a rest since we did a day long birding the previous day. 🙂


  1. Ah, yes…. I’m feeling a little “home” sick. Hope the birding was good for you during your visit and thank you for the mention and compliment on my photos. We so enjoy our time in that area that we made a reservation for 2 months next winter (Jan & Feb). Hope my kids in Phoenix won’t miss me too much 🙂


      • I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit. Yes, we have a certain campsite in the RV Park that we like. So we reserved it for next year already and our new friends as well as old friends have done the same. It’s fun rendezvousing with friends from Missouri and Iowa. And folks we’ve been socializing with here in Phoenix, will also be in Port A next winter. Birding, socializing, and photography…. doesn’t get much better 🙂

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  2. LOVE this post, Amy!!! How I longed to dive into that water at times and your flower pictures are gorgeous, just jumping off the page at me! Wonderful images and yes I do thank you! ❤


  3. Amy I used to think of Texas as hot and dry land. When I began to follow Ingrid she brought a much different view. Your photos are gorgeous as always. I can almost feel the breeze. 🙂


    • I think most people had an impressive from some movies filmed in the West Texas and AZ. 🙂 This part of Texas and Austin is different. Ingrid comes here once a year for two months. 🙂

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  4. Water, sand and seagulls brought me a nice feeling inside. We had rain today but not too cold. I will take rain over snow or ice, any day! Amy, hope you have a peaceful, warm week ahead.


    • Happy to know it’s getting warmer for you. I’m glad we don’t deal with snow or ice. We lived in Colorado before, I don’t miss that part…


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  6. A pleasant walk by this beautiful and quiet bech,dear Amy!Lovely series of magnificent photos with wonderful sceneries and a lot of birds!The shorebirds on the poles are amazingly lined up and so are the sailing boats!Loved your feathered friend and the collage with the beautiful nature photos!Always a pleasure to walk with you,dear friend 🙂 xxx
    PS:The photo with the “disciplined” gull on the pole with the sign is just stunning!!!


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