Monday Walk: Making time for the Sunset

_MG_1620 3-7

On our last day in Sarasota, we took a long walk along the shore in the afternoon after visiting the Selby Gardens. We then sat on a bench waiting for the sunset.

Here, Pelicans put out some fantastic diving shows. 🙂

_MG_1799 3-7 PS

Watch! A 90 degree diving, a combination of a perfect angle, right speed, and great posture. What an awesome diver!

_MG_1800 3-7 PS

These two guys turned their bodies and did a diving side by side! Wow!

mg_1883-3-7-ps diving

Just a half mile away from the diving show, youngsters were practicing their water ski tricks:

_MG_1771 3-7 PS

“Mom, look! I did it! I did it!”, she was so proud of herself. 🙂

_MG_1809 3-7 PS

30 minutes before the sun was setting, I carefully set MF on my camera (no tripod), while hubby was calculating the sunset direction for me to aim. I was hoping to get a couple decent shots.

Let the photos do the talking…

Sunset PS 3-7

_MG_1989 3-7 PS


For Jo’s Monday Walk. Jo is showing us beautiful springtime in Shincliffe. 🙂


Thank you so much for visiting! Have a wonderful week. 🙂

75 thoughts on “Monday Walk: Making time for the Sunset

  1. Looks like your sunset shots were successful! Beautiful images. I have learned that catching people, mainly strangers walking into my field of view, adds a layer of dimensions.


  2. Love stopping to watch the sunset when I travel. We rush through our day with so much to see and do. This is a wonderful time to pause and enjoy where we are. We stopped every night on our recent travels to Costa Rica so we could watch the sunset. Thanks for your lovely photos.


  3. Hi Amy! I just read your “time” post from a Thursday in February, and I am glad you had time for this fantastic sunset! 🙂 Great shots of the pelicans. They are so mesmerizing to watch. I was never able to shoot them as skillfully and elegantly (the photographing and the birds) as you, when I stared at them for hours during my travels.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for visiting both time and this post! Appreciate your thoughtful comment of my humble photos. So Glad I could share it with you, Liesbet. 🙂 Will visit you blog in a minute. 🙂


  4. Splendid Pelican performances,you did capture the stunning moments,great action shots,dear Amy!Your sunset sceneries with the fiery skies speak volumes,I just loved the way you caught these wonderful illusionary moments 🙂 xxx


  5. Wowww Amy … mindblowing … I simply love such clicks dear … How are you my dear friend? It is always great to see your post whenever I log in. For many days your weren’t active here I guess.


    • Hi Dear Ajanta, So happy to see you! I thought of you… Thank you for finding time to visit my blog and leave comment.
      I’m doing well, try to do 4 or 5 posts a week, unless I’m on vacation which can be summertime and winter break. 🙂
      How are you doing, my friend? Still busy? I really appreciate your visit! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hey my dear friend Amy… you know something friendship is always very special… no matter where you are you know – that friend of yours is there somewhere. I am not busy but don’t know somehow I am unable to pen down my words. Though penned down a couple of posts. It would be great if you can visit them … hehehehe … and when it is your post, all of them are always unique in their own ways and in fact reading your posts makes me feel good. A POSITIVE VIBE from each of them. 🙂


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