Dance Into Love and March OPF

Dance into love PS ON -3-4

In a flash, we met

Our lives start to intertwine

We dance into love

~ Written by Nato (Michelle) Chasing Life and Finding Dreams

 In her “about”, Nato says, “I am a Soldier, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend.” May I add, a writer, a poet, and a photographer? Through her “Chasing Life and Finding Dreams”, Nato shares her “humorous stories from deployments and random thoughts on life all in effort to work on my writing muscles.” she says, “I hope to make people laugh, cry, and maybe, just maybe, realize they need to seize the moment…” Her Monday poem, Tuesday fiction, Thursdays: Mobile Photography with an Article/Commentary/Fiction and more, have made me laugh, cry, …

Nato (Michelle) posted another poem on Wednesday entitled Traveling Boots. Hope you’ll have a moment to visit her blog. 

Thank you for giving me the privilege to borrow your beautiful poem for this photo, Michelle. I am honored.

WPC: Harmony


Stacy’s One Photo Focus:

The original photo was a beautiful photo by Nancy Merrill photography. I first used the Lightroom for the basics, then moved the photo to the Efex Color Pro 4. There, I combined 5 different filers to get warm colors and add some texture for the after version.

Click HERE to see Stacy’s and other’s OPF works.


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