Dance Into Love and March OPF

Dance into love PS ON -3-4

In a flash, we met

Our lives start to intertwine

We dance into love

~ Written by Nato (Michelle) Chasing Life and Finding Dreams

 In her “about”, Nato says, “I am a Soldier, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend.” May I add, a writer, a poet, and a photographer? Through her “Chasing Life and Finding Dreams”, Nato shares her “humorous stories from deployments and random thoughts on life all in effort to work on my writing muscles.” she says, “I hope to make people laugh, cry, and maybe, just maybe, realize they need to seize the moment…” Her Monday poem, Tuesday fiction, Thursdays: Mobile Photography with an Article/Commentary/Fiction and more, have made me laugh, cry, …

Nato (Michelle) posted another poem on Wednesday entitled Traveling Boots. Hope you’ll have a moment to visit her blog. 

Thank you for giving me the privilege to borrow your beautiful poem for this photo, Michelle. I am honored.

WPC: Harmony


Stacy’s One Photo Focus:

The original photo was a beautiful photo by Nancy Merrill photography. I first used the Lightroom for the basics, then moved the photo to the Efex Color Pro 4. There, I combined 5 different filers to get warm colors and add some texture for the after version.

Click HERE to see Stacy’s and other’s OPF works.


91 thoughts on “Dance Into Love and March OPF

  1. Amy – I love that photo of the birds! And in my final A to Z post I was going to include that bird on a perch of yours (not sure if you remember it from a while ago)- but I did not because I ran out of time – but later this year I hope to have another kind of highlight post – and well – this bird photo and the one I am mentioning – well this is one of my favorite styles of yours – if I can call it that – mmmmm
    And regarding the one photo focus – I tried working with it and I can’t stand this image – lol- but did like it more when I realized it was a replica Globe – but yuk! Ha.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you!! I’m flattered that you thought of making photo for me like you did. Of course, I remember, lived it!
      This capture is a pure luck! I had no idea to get the opf started… 🙂 💖💕

      Liked by 1 person

      • well regarding the off, I do wish I would have followed up on my idea. I was going to put a basketball on the sign and well, maybe I will still give it a go and add it to the comments. But then again, I am trying to pause form posting and creating stuff – so I likely won’t…
        have a great day Ms. Nat Geo bird whisperer.


      • You are so good with your bird photos. Getting better and better with each year. Haven’t seen too many of them of late from you…but this one, as I mentioned, is simply wow 🙂


        • Your comment made my smile, Mabel! This is a special place for birding (but 3 hrs of driving) and it’s the mating season. I took tons of photos, only a few that are decent. Either, the shuttle speed was set too high, but the bird were moving slowly, or the ss was too low… The place I used to photo, I haven’t birds any more. I guess they don’t appreciate the the cleanup of the bushes and tree branches around there. Thank you for liking this image, I may find other opportunities to post the rest.


  2. Sorry for the delay in response; I’ve been running around in uniform again. I really LOVE your photo you added my poem to. I am flattered and honored! What an elegant shot! Thank you so much. I like your edit on Nancy’s photo too. It does make it warm and inviting.


    • I thought you probably were on an “assignment”… So glad you have a change to view the photo. Your eloquent poem made the photo presentable. 🙂 Thank you again, Michelle! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Indeed I was but it was close to home and just a regular working event. So not too taxing:) I did run a 1/2 marathon trail run. Wait, let me say I jogged/walked the hilly, muddy trail run. But I finished and didn’t injure myself so I am happy:) Anyway, I think your eloquent photo made the poem presentable! Thank YOU.


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  4. This is such a special and stunning capture Amy! What beauties! The poem really fits it so well. Great choice. 😀

    The warm colors and texture you used in the second photos worked very well Amy. I can see you had lots of fun playing around. ♥


  5. I’ve just come back from Nato’s (Michelle) post,I did enjoy her lyrical haiku,which was meant for your stunning Egret dancers,dear Amy;your after photo is beautiful,too,it’s wonderfully treated,perfect focus and nice warm colouration 🙂 xxx


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