Change Your State Of Mind (Antelope Canyon)

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Ben encourages us to share an image where we “see a particularly strong connection between what you see and what you felt as you pressed that shutter button on your camera or phone.”

The above photo was taken at the Antelope Canyon. I forever remember the spectacular view of every turn we made in the canyon. Every single click I pressed on my camera will always stays with me. This is one of the few places that can change your state of mind.

Here are a few more photos of the Antelope Canyon. If you are interested, click HERE.

Happy Thursday!

73 thoughts on “Change Your State Of Mind (Antelope Canyon)

  1. The Southwest is one of our country’s most inspirational landscapes–landscapes that take our breath away and have us imagining how the site before us could exits. Your image shows exactly those qualities that make color country a quintessential example of one of nature’s masterpieces.


  2. I have to agree with you, this is a very powerful place. When we got there, I refused to go in as there were too many tourists waiting to go. And they were loud. Man, am I glad I changed my mind. Now, all I remember is the sound of awe and the wind whistling through. And my photos are a visual reminder of a fascinating day.


    • It was like that when we were there. I really felt the pressure from the tour guide as we were walking through the canyon. He had to, I guess, due to the tour groups behind us. I tried to take photos, at one point the guide took my camera and snapped for me…
      Thank you for visiting and commenting, Emilio!


  3. Fabulous photos of Antelope Canyon! You and I have breathed the same air! I loved Antelope Canyon! We did the lower canyon. It will always be a place that will “stay in my mind!”

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    • Thank you, dear Doda! This photo could be my favorite one among all the shots in AC. Happy to share with you. Looking at the photo again, I can’t believe I actually walked though this alley. 🙂 xx

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