Monday Walk: Selby Gardens

_MG_2209-Sarasota Garden

The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens (Sarasota, Florida) is the only botanical garden in the world dedicated to the display and study of epiphytes. Orchids are a good example of epiphytes, but there are many more:


A Chinese/Japanese gardens with a beautiful pond, small waterfalls, and tropical plants:

_MG_2115-2-Sarasota Garden

_MG_2108-2-Sarasota Garden

_MG_2248-Sarasota Garden

More walk…

_MG_2116-2-Sarasota Garden

_MG_2130-2-Sarasota Garden

Marie Selby left her house and property to the local community. Her goal of this botanical gardens was “for the enjoyment of the general public.”; it was established in 1973.

_MG_2241-Sarasota Garden

_MG_2154-Sarasota Garden


_MG_2189 ps-2

For Jo’s Monday Walk. This week, Jo is taking us to the SOUTER LIGHTHOUSE for a beautiful walk.




An epiphyte is a plant that grows harmlessly upon another plant (such as a tree) and derives its moisture and nutrients from the air, rain, and sometimes from debris accumulating around it. Epiphytes differ from parasites in that epiphytes grow on other plants for physical support and do not necessarily negatively affect the host. More on Wikipedia.

62 thoughts on “Monday Walk: Selby Gardens

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  2. That was an unusual walk,dear Amy,a walk in paradise!Brilliant plants,flowers,trees harmoniously coexisting and clasping one another like sociable beings willingly to support life in all its grandeur.Entranced by the riotous growth of greenery,the refreshing cascade and the old tree with the aerial roots narrating the story of its life.The “we want beauty” quote and the beautiful face of the orchid handsomely wrote the epilogue to your exquisite Monday walk 🙂 ❣


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