Birding Seasons and Rowing (Sport)

Week Photo challenge: Seasons

Jen H wants us to share an image that embodies the world or the weather where you live.

0W5A2231-seasons 2-23

These three images are showing the continuous movements of these flying birds, captured in less than 2 seconds.

0W5A2233-seasons 2-23

0W5A2234-seasons 2-23

In spring and fall, great armies of birds migrate across Texas skies. More than two-thirds of birds in Texas are migrants.


Rowing for Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Challenger’s Choice

IMG_1009-Sarasota beach

LBJ Lake, Austin, Texas

A bit of early for rowing on the lake in February, it feels like summer is almost here…

Please visit Sally beautiful words and photos of her White Gerber Daisy post.


Happy Tuesday!

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