Monday Walk: A Beach Walk and Garden: Monochrome

_MG_1942-Sarasota beach

Siesta Key (Sarasota, Florida) has three wonderful beaches on this 8-mile stretch of “the world’s finest, whitest sand” along the Gulf of Mexico.

_MG_1972-Sarasota beach

A great place to enjoy boating, parasailing,  swimming, ballon riding, walking, biking, playing volleyball, biking…


_MG_1943-Sarasota beach

_MG_1990-Sarasota beach

When we were at the beach for our winter escape, the weather reached at the low 80s F in the afternoon, 7-8 degrees higher than the normal temperature.


For Jo’s Monday Walk. Jo is taking us to Rocha da Pena for a beautiful walk. 



Here is my entry for Jude’s Garden Photography FebruaryMonochrome


These are white Thai Jasmine flowers.

Thank you for visiting! Have a great week 🙂

70 thoughts on “Monday Walk: A Beach Walk and Garden: Monochrome

  1. I bet those flowers smell fabulous, Amy! And a bench too- Jude will think she’s upped and gone to heaven 🙂 Me, I think I’m going to lie on that beach, in the shallow water. Too hot to do much else. Thanks for playing along! :).


  2. That last photo is magical…..and tell me are people really dashing around in the waves at this time of year….how warm your beaches must be. In Scotland the beaches still look beautiful but are very cold right now!!


  3. Awwww Siesta Key! Love it and the Siesta Key Oyster Bar in the village. Great photos! Thank you for taking me for a walk on the beach. I did not get there this year due to sweet, sweet man’s shoulder surgery!

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  4. Late again,but never absent,dearest friend Amy.Your beach photos and all the scenes with the activities there,are totally exhilarating,my friend.The lovely sea bird was also enjoying the pleasant warm weather.I feel refreshed and rejuvenated even by virtually sharing them with you.But,your response to the garden challenge stole my heart.It’s glorious,romantic and so beautifully lit!You should have put it up on its own,in another post.It’s of very high aesthetic standards 🙂 ❤ xxx

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  5. Hi again dear Amy,I was just checking out the answers and the likes and I noticed that I didn’t say anything about the last photo of the beach series.It’s a wonderful monochromatic scene with beautiful silhouettes and nice,quiet greys ! Was it there from the beginning?Thank you so very very much for all the pink stars and your comment on my F…. site!You were able to be connected because you re-followed me.You made my day,my good and so thoughtful friend ❤ 🙂 xxx 🙂 xxx

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