It takes you back in time…

The Western Heritage Parade and Cattle Drive. It’s a kick-off of the Stock Show and Rodeo in San Antonio.

The cattle drive held each year in downtown San Antonio is a nod to the city’s role in herding more than 20 million cattle from Texas to railheads in Kansas in the late 1800s.

A herd of Texas Longhorns was marching up. I couldn’t get close to take a photos. The photo below (only this one) was captured last time, it wasn’t as packed as this year.

rodeo-parade long-horn

Later, hubby found a spot for me, I was clicking happily.

0W5A0045- 2-8 SAT Parade

The mile long route through the streets of downtown features Fort Hood 1st Cavalry Division, Texas A&M Parson’s Mounted Cavalry, Fort Sam Houston Caisson…

0W5A0040- 2-8 SAT Parade

0W5A0091- 2-8 SAT Parade

0W5A0077- 2-8 SAT Parade

0W5A0097- 2-8 SAT Parade

0W5A0095- 2-8 SAT Parade

I think this handsome horse is looking at me. 🙂

0W5A0055- 2-8 SAT Parade

0W5A0039- 2-8 SAT Parade

The parade takes us back to the history and the heritage. It takes us back in time

0W5A0053- 2-8 SAT Parade

0W5A0035- 2-8 SAT Parade

Our gorgeous Miss Rodeo of Texas!

0W5A0064- 2-8 SAT Parade

Wanna take a close look of Miss Rodeo? 🙂

0W5A0069- 2-8 SAT Parade


This one is for you, Simon (simonjohnsonofclowne). I want to thank Simon for his western movie review series. His reviews explain eloquently why these classic western movies are timeless and great; it also taught me to appreciate the Western History and Heritage a little deeper.

“I’ll finish by including the whole of Kipling’s famous poem as much to contradict as to illuminate the heroic viewpoint of the film. And because I like it. It’s a great poem. It’s a great movie.” Simon summed up his recent review on The Tall T.

And his review of  Shane is one of my favorites: “He is the direct descendant of Theseus and Ajax, the Knights of the Round Table, Childe Roland or Caius Kent from King Lear. After much debate I have finally come down on the side of saying that the stunning portrayal by Alan Ladd is down to his skills as an actor rather than by chance. Shane is a remarkable character who straddles the boundaries between historic narrative and mythology.” 

Simon is a remarkable writer.

Thank you for visiting. Have a wonderful week! 🙂

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