One Photo Focus: February

OPF Feb.-- ship


 Stacy’s One Photo Focus is a monthly event, it’s the first Friday of each month. For this month, she lets us work on Lensaddiction’s fabulous ship photo. I did some basic retouching using the Lightroom and changed to B&W through Efex Color Pro 4, got the after result. Hope it looks good to you. 🙂

The above photo is after and below is Stacy’s original photo.

OPF Image for Feb Full Size RAW-vibrant -1


Here is OPF version I did for January. I missed posting it as I was in Florida:

Take a look of 24 creative OPFs at Stacy’s One Photo Focus (



60 thoughts on “One Photo Focus: February

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  2. For some people an old steam locomotive is their idea of the captured beauty of something man made that is wondrous and comprehensible at the same time. I’m fond of them but give me a tall ship with masts any day of the week. Maybe it’s because I come from ship-building town.


  3. Amy thankyou for your lovely treatment of my photo, I really like how you bought out all the detail of the masts and rigging against the sky.


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