Mobile Photography: Nature and Mono Madness: Curve

0w5a2444-Feb Nature-2

This week, Sally (Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge) presents dried flowers from her garden. Her “pens” section is as beautiful as her “lens”. She said, “…Some end of season annuals and perennials become burdened with weathering and fading into the background. Still, I find magic in their presence. And their next life becomes fodder for my compost bin to enrich next year’s crops.”

Sally continues inspiring us of using mobile devices for photography. Thank you Sally!



0W5A2437-Edit-3-MM curve


The above bridge image is for this week’s Monochrome Madness: Curves

The Lamar Boulevard Bridge (659 feet long, completed in 1942) is an Open spandrel arch bridge over Colorado River in Austin, Texas. The black and white image I posted (lines and angles) last week was taken from under the bridge. On any sunny or warmer day, weekend especially, you can watch kayaks and canoes paddling through the bridge and along the LBJ Lake, it’s a very pleasant scene. 

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