Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant (Bar)

“Let us wash the web with a rainbow of colors to keep the winter gloom at bay.” Jen Hooks says. What a cool idea.

Vibrant means having or showing great life, activity, and energy and very bright and strong, by Merriam-Webster.com/dictionary.

Here is my take on:

_MG_0552-vibrant ps-2-vibrant -1


This photo shows the nightlife on the 6th Street District in Austin; it’s always active, loud, and energetic.

WPC: Vibrant

50 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant (Bar)

      • Traffic is no fun. Overall that is what is good about Minneapolis. WE used to live in Chicago and it was outrageous. You spent so much time in traffic. But here we can live in the city, my husband has a short commute and we mostly avoid traffic. Getting around is easy if you don’t live in the suburbs here.

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  1. OM,superb night shot,it’s really throbbing with life and delightful light effects and colours!Great response to the challenge,dear Amy!Can’t wait to walk with you on Monday 🙂 ❤ xxx


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