Cee’s B&White (Flying Birds) and AB Friday (The Capital Dome)

_MG_0789-BW 1-22

For the Black and White challenge, Cee wants anything that starts with the letter S. Click HERE to see her fabulous B&W photos.

Unexpectedly, a dozen seagulls were captured in this photo. I was pleased with the clarity of these flying birds and surprised to see how these bird framed the guy who was watching them.

Cee black-white-banner



This is the dome of the Texas Capital Building, captured with Canon EOS (f7, ISO 800, no tripod). Through the Lightroom, I was able to decrease the shadow and increase the lighting of the dome.

Below is the before version:


For ABFriday #73.  You have to see Ben’s Sugar Mountain. The transformation is extraordinary! It’ll brow you away…

Ben's after-before-friday-2015


  • From the ground to the top of statue on the dome of the Texas capital building is 311 feet

  • In 1970 the building was recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 1986.

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64 thoughts on “Cee’s B&White (Flying Birds) and AB Friday (The Capital Dome)

    • It’s always a thrill to capture flying birds since it’s very challenging. I was prepare for this capture. 🙂
      Thank you, Charlie! Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. The image of the sea gulls in various points of flight is pretty amazing. Having the gentleman in the image adds another layer of depth. I noticed on a second or third look that there are two other individuals in the picture. The cloudy sky makes a perfect background. A once in a lifetime moment image. 🙂


  2. Your first capture is really fun Amy – excellent “get”! And your work on the second made a wonderful difference in the lighting of the dome. We saw the dome from the outside but never went in. Alas, time was not on our side!


  3. What a wonderful flock of seagulls on the wing above the standing fellow!Great timing,nice freedom feeling!Beautiful monochromatic work!The glorious dome is impressively lit,it emphasises gorgeous architectural elements in the after photo!Perfect angle,dazzling upward perspective as well :)<3 xxx


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