Mobile Photography: B&W and WPC: Alphabet

IMG_1048-BW 1-19

For Sally’s Mobile Photography Challenge (Lens and Pens by Sally): Black and White. I took this photo with my iPhone while taking a Sunday walk around the Lady Bird Johnson Lake (Town Lake), Austin. It was a sunny, warm winter day, I enjoyed my 6-mile power walking. It was one of the few times, I was glad I didn’t carry my Canon and lens.



Texas Warmth, Austin Cool, Indeed! 🙂  For WPC: Alphabet by BY

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49 thoughts on “Mobile Photography: B&W and WPC: Alphabet

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  2. Amy, I’m glad you’re enjoying the iPhone. I have a 5s and love it! Although I love my Nikon as well and just got some new lens and goodies for it (and have to learn all about them), I’ve gotten so many great shots with my phone and the ease of carrying it is the best. Isn’t it great to be near a place you can get out into nature easily? Do you live in Austin? I’ve heard good things about it? Anyway, lovely photos! Hope you’re enjoying your week.



    • Thank you, Janet. Iphone gives great convenience. Austin is a great to live and have fun thought it’s not close to sea or mountain. But, you take what you have.The Town Lake is where people go to relax during the weekend. U of Texas is located here, many high-tech comapnies are here… it has become a very busy city. 🙂


  3. Such a delight your response to the Alphabet challenge!Stunning finding,fascinating bold colours!Your monochromatic photo is absolutely superb too ! Excellent use of light and fabulous shades and shadows!You have also worked perfectly with the perspective,it does pull the viewer up to the very end!Bravo Amy!I admire not only your photographic skills,but also the big variety of your photos and your brilliant choices 🙂 ❤ xxx


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