Cee’s Fun Foto: White Flowers and Mono Madness 2-40

IMG_0925-wh flower

_MG_2100-wh flowers

Take a look of Cee’s gorgeous white flower post!

cee fun foto


I took the photo below while hubby was driving on freeway at around 75/mph. The real challenge of taking photos while the car is moving fast is that when you see something you like, it’s already too late to click.

For this photo, I set SS 1/800 with the 50 mm prim lens, then cropped and converted into B&W through the Lightroom.


This one is for Leanne’s Monochrome Madness 2-40

Happy Tuesday! 🙂

35 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto: White Flowers and Mono Madness 2-40

  1. Gorgeous white flowers,dear Amy!They are so elegant and beautifully lit!Your monochromatic countryside scenery with the old barn is so charming and classic too!Can’t believe you took the photo while the car was moving fast!I am slowly coming back,it’s my first comment here … ❤ xxx

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  2. What flowers are these? They look lovely and I’ve seen them before but my botanical knowledge is embarrassingly little. 🙂
    And car photography is great if you can get at least one decent shot out of it! 😀

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    • The first appear to be some kind of wildflower, I don’t know the name. The second one is the Thai jasmine flower. I love flowers and trees, but have limited botanical knowledge. 😀
      No telling, when you sit in the car. This one is okay to present. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting, Dr. Hb.

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