Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless (Raindrops)

016-1raindrops-Edit raindroplet

This week, BEN HUBERMAN wants us to show the effects of gravity in your photo this week. WPC : Weight(less)

Isn’t it cool to capture these many rain droplets on edges of these beautiful leaves? 🙂

l wondered the weight of a droplet. I got the answer: the average raindrop is about 0.1 ml, or about .003 ounces.  —Answers Yahoo


Dr. Hb liked a photo that I posted earlier, he graciously promised me to write a poem for this image. And, he did, entitled, “I wonder…”

This is a small part of the beautiful poem:

A spider’s lair,
Infused with air?
A low-hung cloud,
Become a shroud?
A morning lamp,
Dimming and damp?
A tendril’s twist,
Bedecked with mist?


I’m honored. Thank you so much, Dr. Hb! 🙂 Click HERE to read more

I hope you ‘ll find a moment to read today’s “The third moment” Dr. Hb posted.


61 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless (Raindrops)

  1. Such a simple but yet most lovely photo of raindrops. And you gave us science along with it… Describing it’s weightlessness. (Well almost.)
    And the poem for your other picture is just splendid!


  2. Good morning, Amy. Amazing photo! I have never seen something like that. If I am lucky, I would see 3 rain droplets on one leaf. (Come to think of it, I have never been that lucky either.;-) Now I definitely will keep looking.
    Have a wonderful 2016! Thanks for all the wonderful photos for 2015.

    Liked by 1 person

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