AB Friday (Deer) and iPhriday (Freeway)

IMG_0580 (2)

The above is After (after retouching) and below is Before (which I had cropped it and decreased saturation a little). I used the Lightroom brush to change the colors of the bushes to white/grey and saved some yellow color here and there.

I saw Bambi while walking through a trail. 🙂 He was moving slowly in the woods and mother was just a few feet away from him. I pressed my camera button half way waiting for him to get closer. A little while later, he walked out of the woods, I was able to snap this photo. It looked like he was very curious about my camera.


Ben taught me how to change colors using the LR brush. Please visit Ben’s fabulous creative editing/retouching works and other entries. Click HERE

Ben's after-before-friday-2015


This one is for Lisa’s iPhriday (graydayandcoffee)

IMG_8040 (1)-Rree-1-8

I took this shot with my iPhone 6 while hubby was driving. I don’t know there is another city that has the kind of freeway structure like Dallas. Let me know if you’ve seen elsewhere. This photo is showing five levels and 4-lane freeway (and 5-lane is very common there). Hubby was driving on one of the quiet holidays in early morning, at around 70/mph. Can you imagine if you miss an exit on a busy day when everyone is driving between 70 and 80 miles/hour?

I admire Lind’s photography skills. Take a look


60 thoughts on “AB Friday (Deer) and iPhriday (Freeway)

  1. A very special effect! In the first picture you see what Nature has as self defense: mimetism! In your reworked picture you show the real beauty of the deer… conquering the hearth of the viewer! A lovely weekend to you too. :-)claudine


  2. Good morning, Amy,
    I like the “after” better, because, to my mind, the colours og the vegetation in the original distract from the main motive, the deer.
    As to the freeway structure: they have had something like this for years in Birmingham/England, and they call it “spaghetti junction”. 😉
    Have a wonderful day,

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  3. Love the editing on the photo Amy. It gives it such a soft appearance. As to the freeways we certainly dont have that kind of action in Calgary. i think I recall some spots in San Francisco that had a similar look.


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  5. Fabulous editing on the deer photo. Love the color change. Makes Bambi the focal point beautifully!
    As for the Stack of freeway… reminds me of ours here in Phoenix. Very cool!


  6. We have one of the craziest and congested interchanges in my humble opinion. It is called the McArthur Maze. Interstate 80, 580, 880, 980, and Highway 24, along with the S.F. Bay Bridge all come together. Then there are the ramps for the surface streets. Maze fits the description really well.


  7. Such an adorable little ‘Bambi’ Amy and what a great shot! I do love the LR edit. Excellent! 😀

    I don’t want to think about the traffic on all those lanes. Makes me nervous already. LOL! Great shot though. 😀 ♥


    • Thank you, Mabel! Worth to wait for Bambi to come out of the woods. I didn’t try to get closer since mother was there to protect. Shooting from the front in a moving car gets better photosfrom the side window. 🙂 Dallas Freeways are pretty smooth. 🙂 Happy weekend!

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  8. Oh,sweet Bambi,Amy has handsomely captured you!Perfect eye contact,gorgeous after photo!The grey-whitish tones completely transformed the setting and made it more wintry!As for the flyover or overpass is so complex,is a stunning construction indeed 🙂 ❤ xxx


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