Mobile Photography: Nature and Flower Collections

IMG_0610 (1)-1-6 tree

The first week of Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge is Nature. With this theme, Sally posts two beautiful tree photos, she says, “They had a dignity that evoked standard bearers of the land and the sky. Immediately, they reminded me of urban skyscrapers that look upward and move through prisms of day and night. I always enjoy reading Sally’s “tip of the week”. This week, Sally addresses “people and places” in her tip of the week.

The above tree photo was taken the day before Christmas while I was walking in a neighborhood in a beautiful Dallas residential area. It was a sunny and warm day, and the leaves were so colorful; hard to believe it was December. 🙂


Here are some of the flower photos posted for Cee’s Flower of the Day in 2015:

 Most of these are wildflowers that I captured through my Sunday trail walking. Roses are from my small garden. 🙂

Thank you for visiting. Have a wonderful day!

74 thoughts on “Mobile Photography: Nature and Flower Collections

    • Thank you, Sally! It’s a lot colder than it had been… I looked through my files and was happy to see the tree image and these floral photos. 🙂


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  2. Amy – the up view of the tree for Sally’s post is pretty awesome – all full picture like that and Nice hint of color – but then going on the the flowers of the day – what a highlight reel! And I have to honestly admit that some days I get tried of the flower of the day posts when scrolling my reader – not yours or anyone in particular – and actually u never come up in my reader! ;(
    But even as a flower lover sometimes those posts were too many on a given scroll – if that makes sense – but seeing your highlight was s treat – I recognized some from last year – and also get a feel for your style last year and the things that obviously call to you while on your trail! And your last year style might be this year’s style too – but all that to say I enjoyed your series of flowers here – the purple and black one still is with me – so is that soft focus rose – but great in a series for sure – xxoo have a great day Amy!


  3. An oasis of colours and happy faces in the middle of winter,dear Amy!The rich leafage of the tree branches is astonishing and you have perfectly captured it!Perfect angle and lighting conditions!The photos of the wildflowers with the vibrant colours are fantastic and the roses from your garden are beautiful as well!Great post dear friend 🙂 ❤ xxx


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