Monday Walk: Clearwater Beach

_MG_0731-2-1-4 Clearwater

It was a perfect day at the Clearwater Beach, Florida. At around mid 80 F degrees, it stayed warm the rest of the day and for days.

By noon, the beach was getting pretty crowded.

_MG_0729-2-1-4 Clearwater

The beach offers miles of sugar-white sand; no seaweed, no rocks.

_MG_0530-1-4 Clearwater

You can soak up some sun.

mg_0758-2-1-4-clearwater beach

Oh ya, people watching is a lot of fun. 🙂

_MG_0754-2-1-4 Clearwater

Pier 6o is a great spot for fishing.

mg_0684-3-1-4-clearwater beach

A proud dad wants to have a picture taken with the fish he caught.

mg_0682-3-1-4-clearwater beach

Ms. Pelican finds a quiet spot at the pier for her daily sunbathing.

mg_0575-3-1-4-clearwater beach

Birds wanna to have fun at the beach.

_MG_0780-1-4 Clearwater

_MG_0511-3-1-4 Clearwater

Submitting to Jo’s Monday Walk. Jo is taking us to Newstead Abbey for a beautiful walk.


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