It’s Almost Christmas…


 A homeowner (in the Dallas area) decorated the tree with 100,000 red lights (a year later, I was told it has 40,000 lights), it was lighting up on Thanksgiving day. It has generated some serious traffic on the block.

IMG_4118-xmas deco

These photos were taken when we were in Dallas for Thanksgiving. As you can tell, these home owners were ahead of the schedule. I’m sure many more dramatic decorations are up by now. 🙂

IMG_4112-xmas dec -12-14

IMG_4109-smas deco-x'mas deco

IMG_4106-xmas decIMG_4055-xmas deco-x'mas deco

IMG_4048-xmas deco

IMG_0324 -12-14

Below is a shopping mall in Dallas. I have no idea how many lights on this giant Christmas tree:

IMG_0369 (1)-mall xmas tree


For Leanne’s Monochrome Madess 2-37: Angel

077--angel deco-angel deco

This close up image of an angel decoration may also fit Sally’s Mobile Photography for this week.


Simon (simonjohnsonofclowne ~ Working at My Own Pace) is starting a series of Western Movie reviews. The first movie is Shane. Before the review, he asked, “How on earth did all of this result in a film that is consistently voted one of the ten best westerns ever made and one of the top hundred films of any genre?”  Simon wrote two posts to answer this question. At the end, he reviewed the role of Joey played by De Wilde:

“All of this is to overlook the astonishing part played by Brandon De Wilde as little Joey. Much of the power of the film comes from the fact that we see it through the eyes of a child. De Wilde is gentle at times, at times precocious, at times questioning, at times a victim of obsessive hero worship.” Click HERE for more….

Simon is an exceptional writer. I love his A-Z England stories. It’s his personal travel journey mixed with histories of towns/cities in England, many of Simon’s readers wish him to publish it.

Thank you so much for your review, Simon. Looking forward to reading more.


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