Mobile Photography and Mono Madness 2-32

For Sally D’ s Mobile Photography: Nature

morning sky 12-8


2015-09-21 07.52.21-12-8

Sally eloquently says how she feels about nature, ” … And in the doing–even a small contribution–we begin to  understand how deeply and thoroughly we rely on nature to coexist and exist: how we are inextricably bound.” Click HERE to read more and view her nature photos.

These two photos were taken with my iPhone 6, made basic adjustments via the Lightroom.



Leanne is calling Santa for this week’s Monochrome Madness


Introducing my favorite Santa from my own Christmas collections. 🙂

Thank you for visiting!

68 thoughts on “Mobile Photography and Mono Madness 2-32

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  2. A proper Santa 🙂 I hope comes a-visiting !
    Gorgeous skyscapes too Amy … would like to see one or two of these over here more frequently than is happening at the moment .


  3. That is one unique Santa, Amy. He is so cool!! And those pics of the sky … so vast, so high, so endless … makes one realize how small we are in the overall scheme of things. Pictures like yours really puts things in perspective, at least for me. Thank you for another great post!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Brilliant cloudscapes with cirrus formations and lovely evasive light that painted the skies with glorious golden nuances!Great genre of photography,superb i-Phoneography,dear Amy!You Santa in mono is so different and interesting!I like his originative appearance and the stick he holds 🙂 ❤ xxx


  5. Those clouds are absolutely amazing Amy. You took the most stunning shots! I can sit and look at it all day long. 😀

    Love the B&W Santa. Totally adorable! ♥


  6. Beautiful cloud formations, Amy. The colours in the sky add a lot of beauty to them, if that’s possible.

    And a merry old Santa is he. It must be December. I guess you know what that means. Have a wonderful Christmas, Amy.


    • My iPhone loves to capture clouds and the colors of the sky.
      It been like 8 to 10 degrees above normally for December. I feel like to turn on AC for my Santa. You guys are dealing with summer heat, I know…
      Merry Christmas to you, Dragon. See you soon. 🙂


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