Monday Walk: Hiking And Walking Trails

Trails at Banff, Canada:

Hiking Tails: Canyons and Lake Powell:

Grand Canyon has approximately 5,000 employees and many are temporary workers according to our tour guide. They are there to ensure this grand place is well maintained and wildlife protected.

Trails are the pride and joy of Texas state/city parks:

 For Jo’s Monday Walk. Jo is taking us to Portugal’s Barranco das Lajes for a beautiful walk.


A couple of months ago, an elderly gentleman approached me while I was taking photos of weeds at the park. After seeing my photos, he told me that he was a volunteer of our local parks. “I just finished cleaning the dry branches and cut dry grass back 3 feet from the trail. It should prevent fire hazard in case someone throw a cigarette on the ground. “

When early spring arrives, our local high school students and teachers volunteer to spend a weekend to pick up litter in various parks to ensure birds have a safe place to breed when they fly back to our nature parks.

While walking, I ran into a retiree who volunteered to plant young trees in the park. My friends, Linda and Beth pick up trash before they begin their daily morning walk. If you get caught by Beth littering there, you’ll get a big lecture. She’ll let you know that your photo  will be sent to the state park/environment website.

They are the quiet heroes. I don’t ever take for granted when I walk on these beautiful trails.

Never-ending effort of preserving nature and maintaining/improving local nature parks and trails:


I have no idea how many miles I have walked on these trails, but I know I have enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you so much for your company! 🙂

Have a wonderful week!

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