December One Photo Focus

The first Friday of the month is the One Photo Focus (1PF). Stacy (VISUAL VENTURING) posts a photo and lets everyone post-processes the same image. How fun! 



I use the Lightroom to crop it, move to Color Efex Pro using 4 different filters. I then take it back to LR and add a few touches for the final version.

This original beautiful photo was taken by Julie Powell:
Julie Powell December One Photo FOcus (1)-BeforeOPF12-4

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Thank you for visiting. TGIF! 🙂

32 thoughts on “December One Photo Focus

  1. Hey My Dear Friend Amy… How are you doing? Oh! that is a wonderful flower Amy and what a beautiful click as usual. So howz things going? Again I am visiting after a long time… Just posted a Monday Mundane photo blog and then again disappeared. hahahaa … anyway take care dear 🙂


      • Amy I am doing good. How are you doing? And the best thing whenever I visit wordpresblog, it reminds me about you, jithin and few more blogger friends of mine. This is another family of mine which I miss whenever I am not present. In fact I believe its our love and respect that keep us connected in one string. 🙂 Amy, if you get some time please check out my blog … your comment is valuable and precious to me … I thought you have missed that is the reason I just shared my link 🙂 Hope you enjoy 🙂


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