CCY Rule of Thirds: Sun Rising

Cee’s compose yourself challenge: The Rule of Thirds

_MG_1375-one thirds-one thirds

Why Rules of Third? Cee explains, “For some reason an off-center picture is more pleasing to us. It looks more natural. We know from the Brain Game tv show that if we stare at something right in the middle of the screen, our peripheral vision diminishes to the point where it’s not working much at all.” Visit Cee’s Rule of Thirds post to view her beautiful photos and learn more about compositions.


Since my PC is out for repairing, it has been challenging to locate my photo files from my new laptop. Thus, I ‘m submitting only one photo to CCY Week #9 instead of four. Hope it’s okay.

Additional information: The Rule of Thirds wasn’t developed by photographers. In fact, it was the creation of painters in the Renaissance period. Their aim of this style of composition was to provide a bit of background in their paintings to allow it to tell a story. It was the Renaissance painters who found that the eye doesn’t rest on the center of a painting. Instead, the eye wants to roam with the subject. Read more …


Here is “Two Phase Story” theme by Dr. Hb (hbhatnagar):

I provide the first phrase and you complete the sentence, in your own way and we see in how many different directions one thought can be taken…..

“The candle sputtered and died……”

Your turn…


 Thank you for visiting. Happy Thursday! 🙂



61 thoughts on “CCY Rule of Thirds: Sun Rising

  1. I listened to a wonderful artist explain the golden mean, or rule of thirds, once to a group. If you look at things in nature, the are almost always created in the golden mean. It has a big impact on art of all kinds.


  2. It’s absolutely majestic,dear Amy!You did catch the glory of this unique moment when the luminous disc sets the skies ablaze!Dazzling fiery and amber tonalitis,exceptionally good use of the rule 🙂 xxx


  3. Such a beautiful shot, Amy. Like orange juice spilt all over the sky. I try to follow the Rule of Thirds whenever possible. It’s not always that easy – some things can get cut out of the photo 🙂


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