Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory (Birds, Butterflies, Bees, and Whales)

All told, the birds logged as much as 49,700 miles on their geolocators, the longest migration ever recorded. Over the 30-year lifetime of a tern, it may migrate about 1.5 million miles — the distance a spaceship would cover if it went to the moon and back three times.

~ The New York Times, Science

0W5A2351-2-01 smart copy2-victory birds

The monarch is the only butterfly known to make a two-way migration as birds do. Using environmental cues, the monarchs know when it is time to travel south for the winter. Monarchs use a combination of air currents and thermals to travel long distances. Some fly as far as 3,000 miles to reach their winter home.

~ US Department of Agriculture

_W5A8069-victory monarch

To produce a pound of honey, foraging bees have to fly a whopping 55,000 miles. It takes about 556 foraging bees to visit 2 million flowers, just to make a pound of honey!

~ Buzzaboutbees.net

_MG_1249 11-10

Every year, between December and April, thousands of humpback whales journey about 4,000 miles round-trip from Alaska to Hawaii where they congregate, breed, calve, and nurse their young. Whales can swim up to 100 miles a day, it’s a long journey for them.


Do they bother to claim any victory?

WPC: Victory

78 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory (Birds, Butterflies, Bees, and Whales)

  1. Fascinated by the beauty of your splendid macro photos and all the inconceivable info behind those tiny but so powerful creatures,dear Amy!Impressive the whales’ performance as well!Lovely bright colours and perfect light conditions too!Your post added colour to our low spirits after the tragic events in Paris.Sending you my kindest thoughts and peace 🙂 ❤ xxx


  2. Such gorgeous photos, Amy! And a beautiful tribute to the wonders of nature! I am still waiting for the monarch butterflies to arrive for their winter home at the salt marsh…last year they came in hundreds 🙂


    • Well, I had the Monday walk photos done on my PC, then the screen started jumping, so I had to take it to the shop. I have iMac, but it doesn’t communicate with the PC files/photos I saved… Thank you for visiting, Jeremy! 🙂


  3. I love knowing the facts about flight patterns of birds, bees and butterflies. I also was happy to learn about humpback whales. So many distances before they can rest. Reminds me of the pretty song, How many miles must a dove fly before he can sleep in the sand? The answer my friend is “Blowing in the Wind.” 🙂


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