AB Friday (Fredericksburg TX) Week 66

After-Edit-2-ABF 11-13


I used the Nik Efex to get the After result. The process of combining the Tonel Contrast, Details Extractor, Reflector Efex, Levels and Curves, and Colorize (#6) brought up the textures of the bricks and colors and details of the building.

The photo was taken at Fridericksburg, Texas, a charming Texas Hill Country town. Many old buildings have been preserved and converted in to restaurants and unique shops.

Before-ABF 11-13


Ben’s AB Friday is entering week 66. This Friday, he is showing us how he transforms the photo of the Malbork Castle dinning hall. Ben explains,’This shot is a view of the end of the dining hall where the new knights of the order would eat. When I first saw this scene I knew I wanted it in black and white. There was just something about the textures and a mood that led me down this path.”  Click HERE, take a look.

Ben's after-before-friday-2015

Thank you so much for visiting! 🙂

34 thoughts on “AB Friday (Fredericksburg TX) Week 66

  1. Good morning, Amy,
    Now THAT looks familiar! A great building to take a picture of, isn’t it? But I must admit I like the “before” better. It looks more natural to me, even if the details don’t come out that sharply. It’s mostly the colours, I think, that I prefer in the original.
    Have a great day,


    • I love this building, it’s so unique and well preserved. So glad you like the original, Pit. I was temped to make the original a bit of different 🙂 Enjoy the fall weather, pretty cloudy here this morning.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It sure is a unique building. I have a picture of it, too, but taken from an angle. Too far off to the side to be good. I need to go there again.
    Here, it’s overcast. I think I really need to work in the garden, 😦 putting up fences, since I discovered more trees where the buck had rubbed off bark. But I WILL enjoy the fall.

    Liked by 1 person

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