Throwback Thursday: “The brain is greater than the sum of its parts”

“I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells”  — Dr. Seuss  

The phenomenon section of the Smithsonian Magazine July/August 2012 was the “Mind”. There were a few discussions about brain and mind. One article that I found interesting was by Laura Helmuth– “The brain is greater than the sum of its parts”:

  • 100 number, in billions, of neurons in a human brain

  • 100 estimated number, in terabytes of information it can store (1 terabyte is 1 trillion short scale bytes, or 1000 gigabytes.)

  • 1 number, in Terabytes, of information a typical desktop computer it can store

  • 2 % of the body’s weight represented by the brain

  • 20% of the body’s energy used by the brain

Despite the fact that different ways of thinking can be a great advantage for us, often, we choose to associate with the ones who think the same as we do. And, we tend to think others are not as smart as we are if they don’t see what we see. Temple Gradin concluded in her article:

“I used to think that stupidity was the cause of people not being able to see things that were obvious to me. Today I realize it was not stupidity; it is just a different way of thinking.”

Last but not the least, in the “Wise Up” article, Helen Fields shared a couple of interesting research findings about managing emotions.

  • Researchers at Stony Brook University found that People over 50 were happier overall, with anger declining steadily from the 20s through 70s and stress falling off a cliff in the 50s.

  • Laura Carstensen, Stanford, studies people ages 18 to 94 for a decade and found that they (older people) got happier and their emotions bounced around less.

That’s all for now. Hope you find the summary interesting.

44 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: “The brain is greater than the sum of its parts”

  1. Great thinkers featured here, Amy. I love and enjoy nonsense and joyful moments (Dr. Seuss).
    I respect Temple Grandin, how her mother respected her enough to try and teach her in a different way to allow her differences to emerge and expand. The fact of where she came from and determination of her mother to use her mind unlike anyone else had from Asperger’s Syndrome background amazes me. Her quote was about embracing differences. I loved the message here.
    The studies where they concluded that aging improves our feelings of happiness made me happy. I liked how you collected all of this, Amy. 🙂


    • Thank you so much for taking time to read and sharing your insights here. Temple Grandin is amazing. Great to know her mother made the difference for her life. It was her quote that I decided to write the post earlier, now am re-posting it. Thank you again, Robin! 🙂


  2. Very interesting post Amy, thank you. Stress still keeps coming to this over 50, but I do think I handle it better, in some ways…I’m looking forward to less stress though! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


  3. Fabulous post of scientic nature,dear Amy!You brought out interesting research and aspects concerning the most complex organ in humans and not only.Despite the extensive research for years now,there is still so much left to be discovered!Now,that you enriched my poor knowledge with your new posts,my brain undergoes many physical changes that still are not exactly defined,but my brain will be able to retrive the info when I need it.Isn’t it magnificent?They all know that certain functions take place,but the procedures remain a mystery.Thank you for your motivating post!Happy new week ❤ xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for your comment! You said it right, brain is complex and the capability of retrieving information when we need is difficult to understand, but very much amazing. I enjoy reading so much of our insightful comment, as always, dear Doda! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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