Monday Walk: Cascade Caverns

Carved beneath the Texas Hill Country, The Cascade Caverns is the oldest cave attraction in Texas. It is the only “living” caves in Texas. Millions of glistening drops of water decorate the Diamond Ceiling while a underground waterfall cascades down the walls of the Cathedral Room.



The cave was opened for tours in 1932.


Cascade Caverns maintains an average temperature of 59–68 °F (15–20 °C) all year round.



When it was owned by the D. G. Sherrard, they used to load and unload the music instruments from this window (see image below) which maybe 30, 40 ft(?) above for having a concert at the Cathedral Room. D. G. also used the cavern as a dance hall, nightclub and restaurant.



There is no evidence showing this creation was carved by human being:


  • The State of Texas acquired the land that Longhorn Cavern State Park occupies from rancher D. G. Sherrard in 1932.

  • It took eight years (1934-42) for the CCC workers to carve a state park out of the rocky Hill Country terrain and transform the silt-filled cavern into a tourism draw. Using picks, axes, shovels, dynamite and wooden wheelbarrows with iron-rimmed wheels, the 200 laborers removed several tons of river sediment, bat guano and debris deposited over the millennia. Much of the excavated material was used to build Park during the Great Depression.

  • Workers filled wheelbarrows by hand, hauling out more than 20,000 cubic yards of dirt, rock and gravel. More information….

Submitting to Jo’s Monday Walk. Jo is following mountain goats this week!


Photos were taken with my iPhone 6 +.  This post also fits Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Nature. Take a look of Sally’s Refraction photos.


Have a great week! Thank you for visiting. 🙂

81 thoughts on “Monday Walk: Cascade Caverns

    • Thank you, Indah! I wondered about how it was like… I used my iPhone 6 no tripod. We were not allow to use tripod in the cave unless you assign for a special photo tour.


  1. Amy, you’ve captured the heart and soul of these wondrous formations. I’ve only been to one underground adventure in Virginia. Truly, you’ve inspired me to search for more such experiences. Happy Photo Challenge.


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  5. I love touring caves Amy. They are fascinating and so beautiful. We went to the Wind Cave in South Dakota but it was so dark that none of my pictures turned out. It was a very narrow cave but is enormous. It was unbelievable.

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    • Thank you for liking the photos, Tiny. The “dog” is amazing. According to the tour guide, TX A&M had done a research; they could not find any sign that this one was manmade. The lighting was not so great in the cave, so I had no expectations. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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  7. Good morning dear friend Amy! I could never have thought that such a glorious tour/walk was here for us to marvel at!Incredible i-phoneography & Monday walk,the underground cave is a real gem in Texas!So old and so much work to make it accessible!The Diamond Ceiling and the Cathedral room are so grand!Can’t thank you enough for this magnificent tour;I’ll never forget it in my whole life!Happy Monday,my sweet friend 🙂 ❤ xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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