Texas Countryside (Pt 2 Ranch Gate)

_MG_0080 - gate-10-26

Texas countryside part 2 is about the ranch gate.

“A century ago there was a reason for the prominent ranch gate. Ranchers began to fence their property to protect their grass and water and to fend off Indians, farmers, and squatters. _MG_0342 - gate-10-26

…As more ranches sprang up and public roads developed, the ranch entrance became its owner’s trademark. Displayed on the gate were signs advertising a particular breeding stock; the name of the ranch, or its shorthand form, the brand; and the date the ranch was established—the earlier the date, the greater the rancher’s clout.”   Read more on Texas Monthly…

_MG_0444 - gate-10-26

Walking through just one long winding country road, you can see various types of iron, ornamental, steel and wood Gates. These gates can cost $3,500/per for installation.





This one is pretty creative, and it may not cost $3,500 to install:

_MG_0165 - gate-10-26

Took these two photos through the ranch fences.



Submitting to Jo’s Monday Walk.

Jo is taking us to Thorp Perrow Arboretum  for a pleasant walk. Take a look…


Have a great week!

51 thoughts on “Texas Countryside (Pt 2 Ranch Gate)

  1. Another pleasant and interesting walk around Texas ranches with the stunning gates,dear Amy!Some of them are so elaborate and some others just simple,but the concept is that really matters as all this stamps the history and the culture of an era.I could never have imagined how personal and customised a ranch-gate could be.Thanks for the informative link and this captivating and unusual walk 🙂 ❤ xxx

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