Texas Countryside (Pt 2 Ranch Gate)

_MG_0080 - gate-10-26

Texas countryside part 2 is about the ranch gate.

“A century ago there was a reason for the prominent ranch gate. Ranchers began to fence their property to protect their grass and water and to fend off Indians, farmers, and squatters. _MG_0342 - gate-10-26

…As more ranches sprang up and public roads developed, the ranch entrance became its owner’s trademark. Displayed on the gate were signs advertising a particular breeding stock; the name of the ranch, or its shorthand form, the brand; and the date the ranch was established—the earlier the date, the greater the rancher’s clout.”   Read more on Texas Monthly…

_MG_0444 - gate-10-26

Walking through just one long winding country road, you can see various types of iron, ornamental, steel and wood Gates. These gates can cost $3,500/per for installation.





This one is pretty creative, and it may not cost $3,500 to install:

_MG_0165 - gate-10-26

Took these two photos through the ranch fences.



Submitting to Jo’s Monday Walk.

Jo is taking us to Thorp Perrow Arboretum  for a pleasant walk. Take a look…


Have a great week!

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