AB Friday Week 64: An Old Truck

_MG_0456 -before email


_MG_0456-Edit -after email


Last weekend I made a special trip to a farm house to get a couple shots of this old truck. I used both LR and Nik Efex to process and got an entirely different outlook. Bruce may go 😕

This is my first ever truck shot, I can just hear Emilio laughing… 😀

Ben is running the AB Friday show. Do take a look of his magical retouch!

Ben's after-before-friday-2015

44 thoughts on “AB Friday Week 64: An Old Truck

      • Yes it is getting cooler, Amy. It won’t be long now when all the leaves are on the ground. I have finished today with my Autumn shots. I think. I’m bushed. Hours of walking today carrying equipment. I’ll sleep good tonight. ❤


  1. Here I’m again and under the old truck,just to say good morning and to let you know that I’ll come back again tonight to walk with you and also enjoy all your new work.Very busy schedule,still comments on my last post remain unanswered.I’ll do my best tonight;have a wonderful day,dearest Amy 🙂 ❤ xxx


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