“Sometimes one loses track of time…” ~ Ilargia


I missed seeing Lignum Draco gravata and posts a couple of times, I began wondering. This Monday, his “The Cruelty of Dementia” appeared on my reader.

LD told a heartbreaking journey. It was his experience of “The Cruelty of Dementia” that his mother and the family had been through for 14 years, she died at 76 years young. When we were laughing and smiling LD’s street shots weaved with lyrics and humorous stories and words, he was watching his mother “became lost in an increasingly unfamiliar world”. When he was giving us thoughtful comments and supports, he was the one needed support, comfort, and cheers the most. 

Almost routinely (when he is not take a break), Thursday is the day that LD posts his second WPC of the week and his gravatar always appears here with his encouraging words. But, not today, not for a while. We will miss you, Dragon until you are ready to come back.

A day later, ilargia posted a thoughtful, moving photo. Here is her beautiful poem:

Sometimes one loses track of time, place, memories…
Sometimes one feels alone…

ilargia’s “Old memories… probably was no coincidence. Thank you for sharing, my friend.

65 thoughts on ““Sometimes one loses track of time…” ~ Ilargia

  1. I was very close to my grandfather and watched him care for my grandmother as long as he could while she “became lost in an increasingly unfamiliar world”. Your image conveys that almost lyrically.


    • Thank you so much for your comment, Emilo. I was moved when I read LD’s post, he changed his job just to be close to his mother’s nursing home, then went to see her every evening after work, so she won’t feel alone…


  2. What a great photo to describe what dementia might feel like to its victims. My mom suffered dementia at the end and I wrote an interesting piece about that. It is a very sad thing to watch. Hugs, N 🙂 ❤


          • (Amy, here’s what I wrote one night as I sat awake in her room all night because she was afraid someone was coming to kill her. Natalie) Echoes, echoes of the past–voices, all but a few familiar voices silenced forevermore now by closed doors. Memories, memories intermingling with the present, all bringing dark, confusing clouds that move across her brain where the fury of internal storms rage, and the echoes, the voices, and the memories become scrambled and twisted inside her dementia. Things once cherished and revered now create anxiety, anguish, fear, and torment because her mind, once sharp and clear, is so befuddled in the deepening cloudy, mists inside herself. Her family raised, her labors done, her siblings and friends deceased, there’s nothing left for her but the silence of her worsening deafness and the waning of her vision. Soon she will be ever so far away from me, the one in whose womb my life began. Will she still know my face and the feel of my touch in the days to come? Will the skies in her brain clear once again and cast her weary, but back, on her familiar shores? Or has she begun the final journey into the aloneness she has long dreaded? Lord let your sweet benedictions steal into my mother’s heart and fragile mind that’s so profoundly confused, wounded, and betrayed by her aged body.


            • I’m in tears… Natalie. It must be so sad for you and your family watching your mother facing the fear, forgetting, confusions… and not to know what to do. You express eloquently for all you had gone through. Thank you for sending a copy to me.

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              • Amy that was 8 years ago and mom only lived a few more weeks after I wrote that. What made the situation even harder to swallow was that mom thought it was either me, my husband, my daughter, or my son-in-law who was trying to kill her. And my two sisters who disagreed with some choices mom had made about the sale of her house had bailed on me, leaving me to walk that road alone. It was a tough time in my life, but God is good and we made it through it. One of my sisters and I have reconciled since then; the other one not. I said at the time that I was prepared to become an only child and I meant it. The Lord says we should honor our fathers and mothers, and I did my best to do just that. So I sleep well at nights knowing that I carried out her wishes until the end. I know this is all more than you asked for but thanks for reading it and listening to my sad tale. Hugs and love, N 🙂 ❤


                • The Lord was guiding you, Natalie. You listened to his voice. Yes we should honor our father and mother. It must and take a lot of strength, energy and much love to go through what you did and you did alone… Thank you for sharing it with me. Hugs and love, Amy ❤

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  3. It’s always sad to hear about things like this Amy. The veterinarian I used to work for suffered from it as well and it was sad to see how such a great and wonderful person became lost in a world where there’s no turning back from. 😦

    I absolutely love your photo! What an amazing shot! ♥

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  4. I have just come back from Ilargia’s posts,I was so sorry to hear about his loss.His posts and photos are so poignant.
    You’re so thoughtful dear Amy;your emotive writing and the very apposite photo really touched my heart.Long the journey and without return … 😦

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    • So sorry to hear about your mother…. It can affects the life of the whole family for many years
      LD changed his job, so he could be close to his mother’s nursing home, and he visited her every evening after work.

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  5. Oh dear! So glad I came here this morning, Amy, because although I follow Draco I don’t always get to see his posts. I had missed this. Funnily enough, he is so often in your comments that I had already thought I might find him here and make the journey to his. So glad you’ve forewarned me, and thanks for being a kind soul, Amy. A lot of us have ‘stuff’ going on under the surface. It’s a joy in life to escape into the blog.


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