Monday Walk: Texas Countryside (Pt 1Ranch)


My walk started on a foggy Sunday morning. It’s beautiful here before and after sun raising, beautiful after sun setting, even more so on a foggy morning.


It’s already mid October, but I don’t feel fall is here. It had been 10 degrees above normal last week here, which makes us wonder how winter is going be like. We hope the strong El Nino will bring some rain this winter to the southern tier of states and California.


Lots of old oak trees here, where cows and horses love to rest under these trees in the shady spots.



Grass is turning brown, but bushes and tree are still pretty green.


Cyclists are everywhere on Sunday morning.



Submitting to Jo’s Monday Walk.

Last weekend, while we were waiting for our lunch to be served, a lady at her mid-60s initiated a conversation, she then voluntarily told us that she is single and owns a ranch. I said to her, “It sounds like a complicated business.” She said, “If you have the money and want to buy a ranch, but you know nothing about ranch business, you can hire ranchers to run it for you.” She also said that these ranchers are mobile, they like to work from ranch to ranch and move from one state to another. She then said, “If you break even at the end of the year, you made it.”

Before she got into her ranch business conversation, she bluntly asked me a bunch of questions including where we live and what we do, etc. That is how it goes when we eat in a restaurant, on an airplane, at a hotel… I recall when we were flying back from Howaii, I was irritated by a series of personal questions posed by a woman who was sitting next to me, maybe I was tired. So I said to her (with a smile) that I probably have answered her questions more than one hundred thousand times to different people. But it didn’t stop her, she just had to know. I’m just wondering, do you pose personal questions to a stranger? Have you been asked personal questions, do you answer those questions?

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Have a great week! 🙂

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