(Extra)ordinary: You’ve Got Mail

Cheri L. Rowlands said “Whether in a new or familiar place, I try to keep my eyes open — to look for beauty or interestingness where I least expect it. … ”  Cheri wants us to capture an ordinary setting or common scene that has somehow transformed …


These mail boxes were right on the side of a countryside road.

I only pick up mails from my mailbox twice a week, but check emails every couple of minutes at work. Since most are junk mails, I look thought them days later.  A few weeks ago, I got a Jury Duty notice through mail, I was glad I didn’t treat it like the rest of the junk mails. 🙂  How often do you go through you mails?

An old bike parked outside a store is another interestingness where I least expect it.


 WPC: (Extra)ordinary 

Thank you so much, Ben for including my “Boundaries” post in the WP “Photos We Loved“.  🙂

55 thoughts on “(Extra)ordinary: You’ve Got Mail

  1. I too barely get anything worthwhile in the snail mail these days, Amy. Your photography is par excellent here in this post today! I really liked the bike image …. so much to see in that one. Great post, my friend! ❤

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    • When I saw these mail boxes, I had to park my car, then walk over the spot to snap it, because it’s right by the road. 🙂 So glad you liek the bike image. 🙂 Thank you, dear Amy! ❤

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      • Sounds exactly what I did when I saw a certain vista. I was driving my car, caught sight of something, pulled over, and on the shoulder of a busy road set up my tripod and camera. I was actually on my way to one more place to photograph before it got dark. I got so licky, Ame. The sun came out low on the horizon through trees and a glimmer of sunlight shone here and there. Pic will be up soon


    • I appreciate your comment. I love it, I had to make an early Sunday morning trip to snap this one, because they are right by a two-way road, probably only mailman’s truck is allowed make a stop there. 🙂

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  2. How interesting – yes, those ordinary mail boxes a perfect subject for the theme. And, I guess we are on the same road with the Jury Duty thing – I was served with mine and changed the date for middle of November. All good things come to those who check “their mail”, lol! Love the bike photograph as well Amy ~

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    • Thank you, Bruce. Nearly.. 10,000 mark, wow!!! 🙂 Another one that I snapped has two rows and each has 24 mailboxes. I like this one because it looked like it was about to collapse. 😀

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  3. Stunning (extra)ordinary finds dear Amy!Nice vintage feeling in both findings,loved the colourful lined up mail boxes and the setting where the old bicykle rests 🙂 ❤ xxx
    Congrats again ~ I was so glad to see your horses post for the Boundaries challenge included in the WP "Photos We Loved".


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