Black and White (Three Challenges)

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black and White

IMG_9462-Edit-Edit tree bw

Processed through Color Efex Pro using the solarization filter to get this effect.



Cee’s Black and White: Back of Things

_MG_0084 BW

Cee’s Black and White: Camera or Photos of Photographers

1947 camera (1) BW

Amazing, some people are still using 1947’s camera. The photographer says that he online orders films for this camera! 🙂

Cee black-white-banner

Thank you for visiting! 🙂

67 thoughts on “Black and White (Three Challenges)

  1. Excellent edit on the first shot of the tree Amy. I love that effect! And such a great shot as well. 😀

    Love those horses! They are truly beauty, even with their backs turned to you. 😆

    Yes, the old antique camera I have is also still working and I can also order film for it, but it’s way too expensive to order and develop. Digital is definitely the way to go for me. 😀


    • Thank you, Sonel! It was fun to add the effect. These horses were enjoying their Sunday breakfast. 🙂
      You have an antique camera, wow! We are so spoiled by the digital camera. 😀

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      • It sure is fun playing around with all the different presets and I love horses. They are such magnificent animals. 😀

        Yes, it’s a Agfa Apotar. Also the concertina type like the one on your photo. 😀

        We sure are and I am glad technology gave us Digital cameras. It makes photography so much more fun and way cheaper for sure. 😀


  2. Black & White is such a cool format. At one time I read that the best imaging chips cannot approach the quality of B&W film due to the density of the particles verses pixels. There was also the idea of making the pixels different sizes to mimic B&W film. Not sure where the technology is now?


  3. Fine Art in monochromatic photography your work,Amy Dear!All three are strikingly beautiful and classic,wonderful themes as well!The tree branches dynamically blast against the natural light in the backdrop 🙂 ❤ xxx

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  4. Amy, these are engaging monochromes, especially enjoyed the third one with the vintage camera and the expression on the man’s face. (By the way, I’m only admitting this to you. This week is suppose to be macro week. What was I thinking. I’m going to post your entry and you can submit it again fro next week–get a bit more exposure–no pun intended. I changed my title. No need for you to do anything.) Happy Photo Challenge.


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  7. Love love love all three! The horses’ behinds are wonderful and gave me a great chuckle, although a stand alone shot, the challenge title gives it that extra sassyness. The last photo is really interesting. He looks like the kind of guy who would use this camera doesn’t he? And the first is so dramatic… Wow.


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