Monday Walk: Architecture Walk, Austin Pt 4

_MG_0238- arch

The theme of the city is”Austin Pride”.

The pink-granite the capital building is the centerpiece of downtown:

_MG_0242- arch

New high-rise condo towers are emerging.

IMG_9190- arch

IMG_9265- arch

No traffic on a Sunday early morning 🙂

IMG_9205- arch

Many old buildings are well-preserved:

IMG_9258- arch

_MG_0232- arch

The historic Paramount Theatre hosts movie premieres, plays, live music, ballets and stand-up comedy:

_MG_0226- arch

_MG_0207- arch

The only complaint you hear is the traffic, it’s really, really bad…, and you have to fight to get a parking space. Though everyone knows light rail is the solution, there is only one newly built city light rail line.

IMG_9405- arch

Live music, and music in many other forms, is everywhere in Austin. There are more than 250 live music venues that feature everything from rock and blues to country and jazz every night of the week.

This group was performing outside of the Whole Food store, they were surprisingly good!

IMG_9410- arch

And, these two buildings, I posted earily, are also situated at DT:

Submitting to Jo’s Monday Walk. Jo is taking us to Odemira for a beautiful walk. Take a walk with Jo and visit 13 other walk entries.


Have a great week!

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