Mono Madness 2-27 and the “Arrival of Goddess Durga – The Supreme Power – The Supreme Being …”

Monochrome Madness 2-27: Country

_MG_1337-country 9-27

Leanne has 53 mono photo entries for this week. There are some stunning images in the collection. Take a look…


A few weeks ago, I run into Ajanta (Jaaz/Thought of Time) through Trablogger’s blog.

This week, my friend Ajanta takes us to Kumartuli (the potters’ hub) and gives us a tour of the Ma Durga sculptures in straw and clay. Ajanta wrapped up the “Arrival of Goddess Durga – The Supreme Power – The Supreme Being …” with a moving story:

“I am into this profession since I lost my parents in the age of 10. There was no choice except taking this as a profession. Ami lekha-pora kortte parini, school jete parini. (I could not go to school to get educated.) True, this line of work may not make me a gentleman, but this is my daily bread …”- He says.

It’s fun to get connected with bloggers around the world. The connectivity gives us a great pleasure to learn to appreciate different culture, various stories, and personal travel experiences that helps us expand our horizon. Thank you so much for the wonderful post, Dear Ajanta! Looking forward to reading more stories and learn more about Indian culture from you. 🙂

Click HERE to read more. Let Ajanta know if you enjoy her post and beautiful photos.


54 thoughts on “Mono Madness 2-27 and the “Arrival of Goddess Durga – The Supreme Power – The Supreme Being …”

  1. Amy, you have such a wonderful eye. I love this shot, the composition, the organic shapes of the horses and the tree, the misty feel to the whole thing. A great shot for black and white!


  2. So airy and classic,dear Amy!Powerful theme,perfect use of high-key lighting giving dazzling brightness and making it visually pleasing.Great artistic expression for the choice,my friend 🙂 ❤ xxx
    PS:I admired it in Leanne's post too.I also found Ajanta's work very interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I appreciate so much of your comment, Rashmi! 🙂 I have learned constantly from you, Jithin, … but, I know I can’t never write stories like you do.
      Thank you for your never-ending support. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. How do I thank you … I have no words … only would like to say again and again I AM HONORED… You made my day Amy … I would like to say very less people get chance to get interacted with such beautiful souls … Thank You so much for making my blog reach the world … And I am honored that some of your friends have come up and spared sometime for my blog … Such good souls … Thanks to them as well … God Bless You all …. And I am so sorry to reply late as Amy my gmail account was hacked and I was in mess .. trying to recover and take action ….


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