One Four Challenge: September Week 4 (A wall of wine bottles)

One four-sept-wk-4-2

Week 4 for September One Four Challenge is here.

The waitress brought the hot dish to the table, he was so ready to dig in.  He never looked up at the wall again.


Week 1:

When he walked into the restaurant, he was overwhelmed by the wall of wine. He looked at the wall back and forth, though he was thirsty for a drink, but couldn’t decide.

wine shelves-one four 9-9 (5)

Week 2:

After having a half glass of wine and some cheese and nuts, he was happy. He began to appreciate the colors of the wall deco, and liked what he saw.

wine-9-16 (1)

Week 3:

After finishing a glass of wine, he saw the colors of the wall was gradually changing… He thought,”Oh, it actually is a big painting hanging there.”

20150730-_W5A0542-Edit-11 - sept wk3

 Visit Robyn’s “One Four Challenge” to view creative photos, click her logo below:

one four

Robyn’s “One Four Challenge” works like this: you take 1 image and process it 4 different ways – sharing it over 4 weeks – one image per week.

This is a must-see for this week! Click HERE… 

28 thoughts on “One Four Challenge: September Week 4 (A wall of wine bottles)

  1. I’ll miss this wall and the collection of the fine bottled wine,dear Amy;each week it had a very special taste …
    Nicely manipulated and worded each time.Let’s have one more glass of wine tonight!Cheers to 🙂 ♥ xxx


  2. Oh wow Amy! I love what you did for Week 3 and yes, it does look like a big painting. Either that or the guy and I are drunk from all the wine. 😆


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