Mobile Photography: Black and White (Trees)

Sally D’s Mobile Photography week 3: Black and White

IMG_5629-Edit - 9-22

While taking an early morning walk, I looked up and saw the beautiful reflections on these leaves. I watched the amazing changing of the light and reflections, as if the sunlight was dancing on these leaves. Luckily, I had my iPhone with me.

Here is the original version:

IMG_5629 - 9-22

Visit Sally’s Still Life in Stone. Sally said, “I’m on a mission to create a series of monochromatic images that focus on the simplicity and meditative qualities of stones. Historically, these products of nature are seen as builders of the soul, builders of gardens, builders of fences and walls. Their multiple uses have encouraged great inventions, including Zen tea gardens.”


Happy Tuesday! 🙂

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