Monday Walk: Lady Bird Lake, Austin Pt 1

_MG_0381 9-21

Having done several posts for the Banff National Park and more for the Antelope Canyon and Grand Canyon in July and June, I’m happy to bring Monday Walk back to Texas.

First, we go for a walk at the Lady Bird Lake border in downtown Austin. Actually, it’s a 10 mile trails border around part of Austin, which serve as a social hub for runners, walkers, and cyclists.

_MG_0378 9-21

At the lake trail, everyone runs, yepe. Mothers run, young kids run, young and old run, and

_MG_0321 9-21

dogs run. So, you have no excuse not to run, unless

_MG_0391 9-21

you are a cyclist. 🙂

_MG_0814 9-21

Cycling in Austin is pretty serious and can be expensive.

_MG_0891 9-21

_MG_0876 9-21

BTW, the Annual Austin Triathlon is awesome. It work like this for participates:

  • Super Sprint: Swim: 350 Meters. Bike: 6.2 mi.  Run: 3.1 mi.

  • Sprint: Swim: 700 Meters. Bike: 12.4 mi. Run: 3.1 mi.

  • Olympic: Swim 1500 Meters. Bike 24.8 mi. Run: 6.2 mi.

  • Olympic Aquabike: Swim 1500 Meters. Bike 24.8 mi

    Submitting to Jo’s Monday Walk, but Jo is on vacation this week.


Thank you for visiting! Have a great week. 🙂

33 thoughts on “Monday Walk: Lady Bird Lake, Austin Pt 1

  1. A wonderful walk in Texan countryside with lovely trails fantastically canopied by stately trees!Ideal enviroment either for lazy walks or for action and competition.Our fur-friends seem to have lots of fun running around in the sourrounding area and chasing one another.Thank you for this enjoyable walk,dear Amy 🙂 ❤ xxx


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