Mobile Photography and Fun Foto Challenge (Geese)

P20150808-IMG_9011-Edit- 9-8-15

Submit to Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature. This week, Sally is referring us to the “Tips for your Smartphone” by Daniel K. Berman. It can be viewed here.


In 2012, Time Magazine and mobile technology company Qualcomm conducted a joint survey of 5,000 smartphone users in eight countries. When asked how the smartphone had changed their lives, the most common responses were that it brought them into closer contact with their friends and families and helped them be better informed. At least 75 percent of respondents in every country agreed that this constant connection was mostly positive.



_MG_0358- sense of seeing

_MG_0346- sense of seeing

 Cee is asking us to post anything that stimulates or delights you visually. 🙂



Click HERE, you will be glad you did. A very moving story… Thank you, Charlie!

38 thoughts on “Mobile Photography and Fun Foto Challenge (Geese)

  1. I like the way you have dealt with the background on the flower… really pops out the subject. Great capture with the people rowing by in one direction as the water fowl are going in the other!


  2. Superb detailed macro Amy!It burst out onto my desktop,it looks so fresh and real my friend!The great swimmers are equally beautiful on the reflective greenish waters!Your photos,dear friend,living wonders that awaken the senses 🙂 ❤ xxx


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