Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle

_MG_0085- angles

_MG_0042- angles

_MG_0080- angles

_MG_0062- angles

“Sometimes the perfect image comes to life by simply changing your composition, and photographing your subject from a different angle.”  ~ 

A little bit of spices and/or herbs can add wonderful flavors to dishes. Do you use spices for cooking?

WPC: From Every Angle

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76 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle

  1. Magnificent photos in every way and from every angle dear Amy!Splendid idea perfectly executed!I love all spices and herbs and I generously use them in cooking.They give a very special flavour and they are good for you.N.Culpeper used to say that “There is more to herbs than just green leaves”.I bought a huge board from England years ago which has all spices and herbs classified and it helps me a lot.Loved your very professional photos and your perspective!Happy Sunday my sweet friend 🙂 ❤ xxx

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    • They do bring up great flavors to the dish and make savory more interesting. I bought some when I visited Spain, I enjoyed the taste of Spanish food. The last time we had Greek food was in 2007. 🙂
      So glad you like this fun post, Doda. 🙂 ❤

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  2. I sometimes push “Like” but don’t always see my “trail” I try to leave. So, if you see a series of these “likes” in a row it is with dismay I don’t see them today. I am replacing them! 🙂
    I wrote a post about winning a nomination for an award today. I placed you on my list to pass on the nomination for “The Beautiful Blogger Award,” due to enjoying everything I have seen on your blogs. I may have listed you as a chef but will correct that fact.

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  3. This is beautiful, Amy. Such neat, straight alignment. Simple. Clean. Very orderly – nothing out of alignment and I can see the neat freak in you 😉 Don’t know what those herbs are but I suppose they spice up and flavour food very well 🙂

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