Monday Walk: Castle in the Wildness (Part 2)

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Here is a castle in the wildness.

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In 1883, on the slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, three railway workers discovered a natural hot spring, and from there the park was born. Nowadays, Banff is one of the world’s premiere destinations, spanning a region of unparalleled majestic mountain scenery.”

National Geographic 

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The part 2 of the series is touring the second floor of the castle, where you can sit by any of the windows to get different views of the beautiful surroundings.

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A room with a view…

0W5A0378 -8-24

0W5A8874 -8-24

_W5A9908 -8-24

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The first day, I was up on the second floor with my camera before 7:30 am and thought it would be a quiet time for taking photos. When I got out of the elevator, I noticed the place was already crowded with tourists. The next day, I tried to get there at around 6:30 am, there were only a few tourists, but service people were everywhere busying with cleaning floors and windows, and many staff were running around in the hallways setting up for the upcoming conferences and formal parties of the day and week; and I was told politely not to take photos of those rooms. On our last day, I thought that was my only chance, I was ready at around 5:00 am, and sun was up already. It was very quiet, and I thought had the entire floor to myself, almost.

0W5A0391 -8-24

The Fairmount Banff Springs has rarely been presented as a hotel. PBS had made special programs and the National Geo had a few articles introducing its architecture and history. The Castle in the Wilderness, Indeed.

This Monday Walk is in response to Jo’s Monday Walk theme. Take an enjoyable walk with Jo On the beautiful Waterfront, BRISTOL


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54 thoughts on “Monday Walk: Castle in the Wildness (Part 2)

  1. I am so glad I arrived early this time and I had the chance,like you, to have the Monday walk without many people around … NG introductory descriptions nicely predisposed me of what was going to follow!Spectacular your photos with superb sharpness that made me feel I was there.There is a Greek quote which says that when you insist you win … and you did,dearest Amy!You got fabulous shots!Happy Monday ❤ 🙂 xxx


  2. When I first looked at these Fairmont photos here, I remembered you saying earlier that you had gotten up early to snap the peopleless photos. It truly is a beautiful place, but I can imagine it is bustling all the time. So then today when I read the details of your early morning efforts, I was impressed, Amy. That’s tenacity! And well worth it, the hotel looks so regal and charming without the tourists or cleaning staff. Great story and wonderful castle. 😀


    • With 750 rooms, you can imagine the traffic. I really admired how they clean and maintain the interior and prepare these rooms for special events. Thank you so much for giving me the pleasure of sharing it with you, Jet!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly, it was challenging to deal with the sunlight and interior lights in different hallways and rooms since my photography skills are limited. Thank you, Cindy! 🙂


  3. What a place, Amy! You would never want to check out 😦 I absolutely love that photo with the chair backs to the window! And the second last too. Super! And such dedication to your art 🙂 Many thanks for the link!


    • It was hard to check out that day. Those two are my fav. I was glad to get a few shots on my last day there. Thank you for you kind comment, Jo! Have an enjoyable trip, Jo. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • The last day I was out there at 5 am to get enough time to take photos before service staff starts their daily cleaning work. I just couldn’t leaving this historical building without a few shots. Thank you so much for visiting, Rashmi! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. They’re amazing shots, Amy! When we visited Banff, we had a tour of the Fairmont but needless to say, it was with quite a few people and we didn’t stay there. What an opportunity – to have it all to yourself, albeit very early in the morning. Thank you for refreshing my mind 🙂


  5. The description National Geo. gave is really fitting Amy and so are your absolutely stunning photos of this beautiful place. Great architecture and it gives a sense of tranquility. I am glad you could take photos without all the tourists. That’s also something I don’t like much. Thanks for waking up so early so you could share all this beauty with us. 😀 ♥


    • They also have afternoon tea time at the Banff until 3 pm. We were outdoor a lot, didn’t get a chance to try. My husband probably won’t enjoy it. 🙂


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